Ripped Jeans and Black T




T shirt – Victorias Secret // Jeans – Abercrombie&Fitch (Old) // Shoes – 1318 (similar) // Bag – TJ Max (old) // Watch – American Eagal (similar) // Sun Glasses – Gucci // Ring – Thrifted

Being a new mom I have had to re-adjust my style a little bit. I love dressing up, but right now with all the wiggling in and out of my tops for feedings, getting some spit up and pee on me here and there, and bending up and down so much to pick up Kohlman, I have learned that dressing up just isn’t quite as fun. I have fallen in love with this simple summer style. A T-shirt and Casual jeans can be dressed up or down, is fairly simple to work with a baby in, and comfortable! I styled this look with a little bling, messy hair, and a handy bag to throw my wallet, phone, water bottle and snacks in for running around town.


Postpartum: Expectation vs Reality 

“Having a baby is hard.” I can’t even begin to tell you how sick I got of this phrase over the nine month period of growing my sweet baby. Everytime I got that, I smiled, nodded, and said, “oh I’m sure it is,” mostly just to get whoever was talking to shut up. You will hear it all.. I was told how hard breastfeeding would be, how long my nights would be, how sore and tired I’d be, and– that I of all people would really struggle with postpartum depression. To be honest, everytime I heard people tell me those things I got angry. I would always wonder why nobody seemed to be genuinely happy for me. Why did everyone constantly tell me how hard my life was going to become? They all had kids, most had more than one, so obviously it wasn’t that bad. I began to actually think it was an issue with ME. Did they think just I couldn’t handle it? Maybe I was going to struggle with depression afterwards. Great, now all I wanted was to stalk up on good food and movies, enough to hide in my bed for the first 6 weeks because it wasn’t sounding like I’d even be able to function!

Well time went by, I got uncomfortable, nights became so bad between bathroom breaks and my huge sumo belly not wanting to cooperate, that I felt like I didn’t sleep once that entire last month. Not to mention the effort from trying to get out of bed. Sitting on a hard surface–sitting at all– became more painful and more ofa nuisance    than the back pain from just standing. Heart burn became a daily struggle no matter what I ate (thank goodness he came out with a whole head of soft fluffy hair). My wedding ring wouldn’t go on. I couldn’t shower without getting light headed. Don’t get me started on the waddle I swore I’d never do! The list goes on and on and on….

But then after all of that and possibly even more depending on your experience with delivery, and you are looking into those wide, dark, curious, beautiful eyes of your little one. It all goes away……. Okay. NO. Don’t ever believe anyone who tells you that! It doesn’t go away, BUT it all becomes so incredibly worth it. There is a short moment where everything stands still and you realise your worth because God sent one of his (the most perfect one) children to YOU. You are his mom. And nothing anyone told you is going to stop you from enjoying every bit of this.

Then it hits. The emotions, the soreness, the regret because you actually felt anger at your innocent little one for a split second, the tiredness, everything crashing down at once. On top of that, you still look pregnant…. WHAT? But instead of a cute tight baby bump, it’s a wobbly flabby mass that bends in wierd shapes when you sit down.


It will go away. All of it. And to be honest, even postpartum recovery will not weigh as heavily on you as the feeling of joy you get from being a mom. You will have moments of crying about absolutely nothing, it will hurt to sit down still, you will still waddle, and have a hard time getting out of bed (only for other reasons). Your wedding ring still may not fit for a while, etc. but now at least there is an end in sight. And you have a beautiful baby that you are proud of. You will be exhausted and that’s okay, because pregnancy made you champ at the no sleep thing.  You will be sore but life goes on, and it’s not as easy to focus on the pain when you are focusing on the sweet little blob snuggling up to you. It’s like having a built in snuggle buddy, literally.

You will feel moments of deep deep sadness. You will feel depressed. Things will hurt. The tiredness will come over you. But don’t get that confused with postpartum depression.(unless it lasts more than a few weeks give or take). That my sweet, exhausted, emotional friend, is just being a mom. Remember all those things people were telling you, that just made you mad? They were telling you, hoping you would hear enough between your forced smile and nod, to know that you are not alone. You’re not broken. It is hard! But you’ll survive. They all did. It’s normal to feel like you just had a baby… Because YOU JUST HAD A BABY.

So here is my advice. Take it easy, ask for help. Hold your baby whenever you want. Don’t hold your baby whenever you want. Take some YOU time. Find a friend who just recently had a baby, reach out to them, they still remember everything pretty freshly and they can help you to know you are not alone. Eat yummy food. Sleep when you can, I know people say it’s hard to find time for sleep, and it is between feedings, visitors, nourishing your body, and trying to make sure you don’t smell like you have lived in a dumpster the last 6 days, but even if it’s only 10 minute of resting your eyes it helps take the edge off. Get a good pillow. Make some padcicles. Kiss that sweet babe. And relax. It’s just postpartum. It’s not the end of the world like everyone made it sound like…. It’s actually the beginning 🙂

New Born Must-Haves


Having a baby soon? I just had Kohlman about 2 months ago, and he has brought so much joy to my life! Being a first time mom, I was constantly researching what to have for when he got here (Thank goodness for Google!) This is just a few of the items and products I considered Must-Haves for the first month. Or click here to view my video on our Youtube Channel The Slight Delights! And stay tuned for my nursery tour next!

Newborn Must-Haves:

Graco Pack n’ Play:

Desitin Diaper Rash Cream

Baby Nail File  (I got mine from this baby care kit)


Onsie with Hand Cover

Someone to stay with you the first few nights

Recieving Blankets

Swaddle Blankets

Storage Bin for Laundry

Scalp Sponge

Renew Lotion

Hydrogen Peroxide for Stains

Bottle Warmer

Rockaroo Baby Swing

Carseat Blanket (Tutorial)

Zipper Sleeper (Zip from Bottom)

I hope this helps those of you preparing for your own newborns! If there was anything you couldn’t have lived without, please leave a comment below!!


DIY: Graphic Baby Onsie

DIY Graphic Baby Onsie

If you have a baby, you know how quickly they grow out of their clothes! My first son was born May 1st, and he is already growing out of most of his 0-3 clothes! Luckily I think I have had him in each outfit at least once, but that still makes me sick when you add up how much each outfit costs. I have been LOVING the new trend in baby clothing that is a little “hipster/organic/simple graphic” paired with some cute baby legging and a beanie or chambray button up. I have been searching for good deals online, but I still cant get myself to spend $10-15 a onesie that he may wear for only a couple months. So I decided to get crafty. I ended up making 10 onesies for less than $20! which is a steal when they outgrow them so fast!  I used more of a free hand method that works for me, but if you want to try using freezer paper and ironing on this is a good tutorial.

To make your own Graphic Baby Onesie (Or any type of graphic T) you’ll need:

Plain white onesies – I got two 5 packs at target

Fabric Paint – Joanns is where I picked mine up, I got matte paint in ebony an white

Paper and pencil/pen

Scissors and/or X-acto knife

Paint brushes (that are nice, but you don’t care if they get ruined) in different sizes


I started with laying out my onesies and figuring out how big I wanted to make my graphic.


Then I free handed my graphics. You can also print if you aren’t comfortable free handing it, I dont have a printer but I though drawing it allowed me to get the perfect size to fit the onesie anyway.


Then I cut out the graphic with scissors and I used an X-Acto knife for the eyes (I have also found this to work well for letters if your using words on your graphic). I taped the graphic cut out to the onesie to help keep it in place.


I slid a hard notebook into the onesie to help keep things flat and to prevent the fabric from sticking in case the paint bled through.

IMG_6189 IMG_6193 IMG_6194

Then I used a mixture of ebony an white matte fabric paint to get a dark grey color for my Batman graphic.


Then with the smallest (and i mean SMALLEST) paintbrush I had, I traced around the graphic. I was very careful to keep the line from feathering.

IMG_6196 IMG_6197 IMG_6198

I then grabbed the eye cut outs and traced around them.


Then I grabbed a larger paint brush and started to it in. Don’t be afraid to use a lot, you want it to be saturated for the best pay off. It will dry hard but soften up after you wash it.


I filled mine in and then went back with the smaller paint brush again to make sure that i didn’t get out of line (I accidentally touched outside of the area with wet paint, so I used dawn dish soap and a wet paper towel and scrubbed it IMMEDIATELY, and  it took care of it, but I would suggest NOT doing that 😉 .


This s how it looked when I finished, and I think it turned out pretty cute!


Most of my other graphic onesies I didn’t bother to cut anything out and I just free handed them. I just took my time and was extra careful. Have fun with it and let me know how they turn out! I’m planning on making some cute Father-Son shirts for my hubby and son now that I know how to make them!

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps!