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Dad an Kohlman

Dad and Kohlman 2

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Family 2

Family Candid

Family Kissing

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Family Standing



Mom and Kohlman 2

Mom and Kohlman 3

Mom and Kohlman 4

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Mom and Kohlman

Last week we headed to the Snake River to have a pic-nic. While we were there we found the PERFECT spot to take our first ever family pictures, so we headed back the other night to snap some! I absolutely love the beautiful Idaho Falls LDS Temple in the background, reminding me how special my family is. I had a blast picking out our outfits for this session! The best part– They were FREE! Garrett is a videographer and along that he has quite a few photo skills (and really nice cameras/lenses)! I tried my hand at a few of him and Kohlman as well! It was such a beautiful night and they turned out too adorable not to share!


Super Hero Nursery

Super Hero Nursery Tour

The second we found out we were having a little boy, I knew I wanted to base his nursery around superheros. Garrett has always been a fan of superheros and I knew that the whole comic book scene was making a huge come-back especially with all the new superhero movies coming out in the last couple of years. This nursery is my pride and joy! I had the most fun making decor and shopping for things to accent the bright colors!


The first thing you see when you walk in in his crib. I chose to go with white for our furniture color so that in the future we can use it even if we have a girl. We got ours at target, similar. As well as the crib sheet that we have in grey and light blue.


The adorable quilt and pillow were made by Bobbie from A Vision to Remember.


All of the wall decor I got from Hobby Lobby. Except for the “K” which I made with modge podge and scrap paper.


On the opposite side of the nursery I have the changing station. Our dresser from target as well as the wipe-able changing pad cover that I love! I had the shelf in my room growing up, and we just place on it the few books that we have right now along with Kohlman’s hospital wristlet and fist, and a batman piggy bank that Yours Truly made at a paint and fire studio we have down town. We also keep a little basket tote at the end for his laundry.


Under the shelf I have some super hero decor from Hobby Lobby, and an adorable Super Hero Themed Buck made by Chyna at Vegan Taxidermy.


On the side by my rocker I have a little tin with Kohlman’s lotion, hair gel, and hydrogen peroxide for stains. I also have a lamp I got at Walmart. I thought the city scene looked comic-ish and fit well with the theme. Also I have a little digital clock that I keep on his dresser that I thrifted.


In the corner I have my rocking chair that I reupholstered with a glue gun (haha) and the ottoman is from target. It is an outdoor item that has actually been great when it comes to wiping it off from various bodily function leaks ;). The sign is a canvas that I painted. And behind the dresser and chair is just a refinished bar stool with my pump on it for easy access (holla to all you exclusively pumping moms out there)!


My nursery closet is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. It is pretty self explanatory. On the left side I hang all Kohlman’s dress clothes, and I store his blankets in a shoe storage hanger. I also store his pack n’ play and the accessories here. On the right his every day clothes are hung. Under that I have storage bins (similar) that I got from Target, and they store his wipes, diapers, and hats/accessories. And on the bottom I store his clothes in totes and his diaper genie.


Lastly, but certainly not least, we have Rayge’s dog bed that I made in the corner by the crib.


I hope you enjoyed the theme like I do! This nursery has been the funnest part of our new home! I have loved every part of decorating it and it makes me so happy when I walk in it every day.