Family Pictures

Dad an Kohlman

Dad and Kohlman 2

Dad and Kohlman 3

Dad and Kohlman 4

Family 2

Family Candid

Family Kissing

Family Standing Candid

Family Standing



Mom and Kohlman 2

Mom and Kohlman 3

Mom and Kohlman 4

Mom and Kohlman 5

Mom and Kohlman 6

Mom and Kohlman

Last week we headed to the Snake River to have a pic-nic. While we were there we found the PERFECT spot to take our first ever family pictures, so we headed back the other night to snap some! I absolutely love the beautiful Idaho Falls LDS Temple in the background, reminding me how special my family is. I had a blast picking out our outfits for this session! The best part– They were FREE! Garrett is a videographer and along that he has quite a few photo skills (and really nice cameras/lenses)! I tried my hand at a few of him and Kohlman as well! It was such a beautiful night and they turned out too adorable not to share!


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